NEZA – My Imaginary Reality


My Imaginary Reality is a new album from hip hop artist, NEZA (Chris Cotman). It was produced by well-known Baltimore producer “Ojizz OnTheTrak.” A true full album, this release contains a whopping 20 tracks. The album shines on multiple levels. NEZA’s spoken word poetry could easily stand on its own, but the songs broaden their appeal as they smoothly transition into lively, high octane hip hop jams. The space-like synth driven beats, sonic clarity and reflective lyrics give the album an ethereal ambiance. NEZA’s lyrical delivery blends elements of personal philosophy with passion as his tone oscillates between contemplative musing and charismatic intensity.

The production quality definitely enhances the release. There’s nothing abrasive in the mix and all the levels are where they should be. The recording hits the sweet spot in the frequency range and is just very pleasing to the ear, which is totally necessary in this style of hip hop. One of my favorite tracks is Bark at the Moon Talk Show, which is a conversational, experimental and truly entertaining gem. Other songs like Indigo feature some really cool beats and will electrify a dance floor. There’s a lot of variety on this album. Just when you think you’ve got the sound pinned down, NEZA pulls something new out of his hat. It’s a wild ride from start to finish.

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