Hyde Out – Smoke and Mirrors


Smoke and Mirrors is a new album from London-based indie pop band, Hyde Out. Featuring organic guitars, impassioned vocals and jazzy synths, the songs have a sophisticated and professional feel. The recording is very polished and the sonic clarity is excellent, particularly with the vocals. The singer is quite impressive actually, and his voice reminds me a bit of Arthur Lee. It’s dynamic, emotive and just carries really well. The lyrics are brimming with depth and substantive commentary about relationships and the human experience. They’re both abstract and specific, containing all sorts of curious details and references to places and people I’m not familiar with, such as in the peppy and melodically beautiful track, Meadvale Road.

The musicianship throughout the album is impressive. Most indie pop albums get by on charm and authenticity. Smoke and Mirrors has those qualities and will appeal on that level, but you will also simply be amazed by how spectacular it is musically. I recommend you check out the band’s videos as well. They’re highly creative, presenting more like short arthouse films than mere music vids.

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