the SUGAR BITES – Nebula’s Lace

nebula's lace

Nebula’s Lace is one of three recent singles released by the SUGAR BITES. Representing avant garde indie rock at its finest, the song starts out with a quaint and sentimental, neo-folk vibe, featuring the quietly entrancing vocals of Nina Kicia. About halfway through, the track shapeshifts into into a more alternative rocking, earthshattering jam, with charismatic singer Mateja Jovancic belting out lyrics at the top of his lungs against a backdrop of assertive guitars. This Jekyll and Hyde like effect creates a song that is both melodically beautiful and jarringly engaging.

Another recent song, charmingly titled Piss Stained Tissue, is more of a straightforward alternative rock jam. The mix is robust and has a classic sound. Delivered with style, tonal creativity and delightful angst, the vocals on this track particularly shine. They really give the song its identity. The guitars and bass are powerful, maintaining a healthy balance of distortion and crunch.

The third recent single the a groovy and vaguely psychedelic number, TRAM 81. The best way I can describe it is it’s like if you were to combine The Velvet Underground with a heavier rock’n’roll sound. This song even manages to incorporate some radical synths, enhancing the mix and intensifying the ambiance.

All three of these songs are good, but they are also unique to one another, as the SUGAR BITES demonstrate experimental and musical range while leaving their distinct artistic imprint on each of the tracks.

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