Paul Pedana – HURT

Paul Pedana photographed by Arcadius Mauritz

HURT is a new music video from artist, Paul Pedana. Slated for official release on December 20, the video is said to have been in production for nearly two years, and an emotional labor that represents the end of an era for the artist. Taken from Paul’s album, A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity (which was nominated for best album at the 2019 Independent Music Awards), the song itself is a cover of a Johnny Cash classic (which was also covered by Nine Inch Nails). Paul’s performance is brimming with sincerity and emotional depth. His delivery has a spiritual and intensely personal quality, as he confronts deeply entrenched feelings of pain and perseverance. He has led a truly remarkable life, having survived being run over by a bus as a teenager to emerge as a talented and resilient artist.

The video effectively juxtaposes extremely high quality footage of Paul performing against a river backdrop, with simulated home video-style flashbacks of significant and consequential events in his life. The excellent sonic clarity amplifies the track’s lyrical expressions of sensitivity and vulnerability Both musically and visually, the song is deeply moving.

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