Karolina Beijer – I’m Someone Else


I’m Someone Else is a new single from Swedish-based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Karolina Beijer. Sentimental and inspiring, the song should resonate with anyone grappling with their feelings of self-worth. Presented lyrically as a kind of confession or inner monologue, I’m Someone Else centers around the concept of personal identity. It’s about taking a chance with “a different way of handling things,” by letting the people who care about you in rather than continuing to push them away. It’s clearly a very personal subject for the artist, who is in fact courageously letting us in on her struggles just by releasing this song into the world for us to appreciate.

Musically, Karolina Beijer’s vocal performance is energizing and melodic. She really has a strong voice, which is enhanced by layering effects, effectively increasing her power level. The piano/synth driven backing ranges from delicately quaint to exhilarating as the mix kicks into high gear. Blending expressions of empathy, afflicted sincerity and hopefulness, I’m Someone Else is a song that will tug on your heartstrings a bit and hopefully influence its target audience in a very tangible way.

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