Bobby Royale – Royale With Cheese


Royale With Cheese is a new EP from Swedish hip hop group, Bobby Royale. Featuring iconic artists like Henry Bowers and Akem, this release is slick and stylish. The songs have a classic and old school vibe, with smooth, analog-like backing tracks that wouldn’t seem out of place in the 70s or early 90s. They’re all good, but one of the standout songs is Everyday People, a melodic and soulful jam that’s absolutely dazzling. The vocal performances are stellar throughout (both in the singing and rapping department). Another notable track is Cheddar, memorable for its imaginatively rhythmic backing and creative structure. What makes this EP so impressive is the way it incorporates a retro aesthetic, and then adds layers of songwriting complexity, transforming the music into something much more advanced, almost futuristic. Royale With Cheese blends technical ability with aesthetic sensibility. It’s the ultimate artistic combination. It’s also fun, fresh and supremely danceable.

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