Bri Causey – Believe It (10)

Believe It is a brand new EP from artist, Bri Causey. Blending elements of hip hop, R&B and even classical, this highly imaginative and avant garde release is instantly memorable. Against a backdrop of some of the classiest beats you’ll hear in 2020, Bri Causey’s vocal style is conversational and reflective. She can actually sing as well. She delivers her lyrical lines with dynamic flair, squeezing the maximum musical goodness out of every word. (13)

The tracks often oscillate between quiet contemplation and energized intensity, and Bri’s introspective lyrics are genuinely thought provoking. The backing music is often ambient and ethereal, as the beats slowly but powerfully kick into high gear. My favorite track on the EP is the delightfully haunting, Do You Know. It combines excellent songwriting with a capable performance and a spiritual mystique. All in all, this is a solid EP, and Bri Causey has established her own distinctive style within a crowded genre.

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