Santa Sallet – Fuck With Me

Fuck With Me Release Cover Art

Fuck With Me is a new single from iconic hip hop artist, Santa Sallet. Santa delivers the goods under the tree once more, laying things down eloquently with this nuanced and courteous jam. While his trademarked, lyrical witticisms are more than enough to carry the song on their own, they’re backed by his genuinely skillful delivery and uniquely charismatic style. He has a knack for cleverly and unpredictably infusing pop culture references into his songs. One can’t help but appreciate provocative lines like “catching all these freaks like a Pokemon trainer, when you see me stranger danger.”

Of course, everything is neatly packaged with a business-like professionalism. A prolific and no-nonsense performer, Santa Sallet continues to crank out contemporary classic after classic. With Fuck With Me, he once again finds the hip hop sweet spot, striking the delicate balance between seriousness and fun.

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