JASESHIP – Guinness Rhythm


Guinness Rhythm is a new single from JASESHIP, an artist form Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England in the UK. He characterizes his creative endeavors as essentially “making lofi house music in an attic.” The recording quality on this track is probably better than what one would expect for lofi, as the sound is smooth, ambient and bursting with sonic clarity. The pacing oscillates between reflectively mellow and moderately intense, with a beat that’s both hypnotic and invigorating. I would classify it as deep house. It’s fairly straightforward, although it contains some welcomingly exotic elements in the mix. At its most climactic points, Guinness Rhythm is engaging and will sweep you up in its exhilarating field of energy. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys EDM that’s a little on the sophisticated and avant garde side. Of course, if you’re just in the mood to dance, it will work for that too.

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