Envy the Glitch – Glum Tom


Glum Tom is a new album from San Francisco-based indie-progressive-deathcore duo, Envy the Glitch. With band member names like Lazer and Blazer Adams, you can’t really go wrong. The backstory for this release is almost as interesting as the album itself, so I recommend reading it. As the title suggests though, Glum Tom is ultimately a concept album about a man named Tom who feels glum. It was recorded at Cabin 435 in Littlejohn Island, Maine by Ric Cir & Johnny LeFlaire

The opening track, Respect My Thots is anything but melancholy though. Featuring high intensity guitars and invigorating melodies, it’s a solid entry and demonstrates that these musicians have some real skills. Other songs like Compute My Flute (my personal favorite) have more of a groovy, retro-futuristic quality. The best of these is probably LEFT BRAIN, Right Brain, UP BRAIN, Your Brain, which is an impressive piece of hypnotic psychedelia. All of the songs have an enjoyable yet atmospheric eeriness about them that will pull you out of your comfort zone a bit. The album closes out with My Drones Are In Your Zones a robust and assertive meditation that contains probably the heaviest guitar tones. People who can appreciate deathcore that’s a little more on the avant garde side will find this release thoroughly satisfying. Glum Tom is genuinely creative, and its experimental liberties are enhanced by technical competence on all fronts.

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