JKurd – Stewie (Feat. 2140)


Stewie is a new single from Southwest Michigan-based hip hop artists, JKurd and 2140. Organic and real, this is what indie hip hop is supposed to be all about. Reflective rapping about everyday struggles like paying rent and the daily grind of life, the vibe hits close to home. Against a jazzy and melodic piano-driven beat, the vocal delivery is natural and magnetic, with voices that seem intrinsically wired for spoken-word and stream of consciousness style hip hop.

The ambiance is mellow yet engaging, with the intensity amping up about halfway through the song as things kick into high gear. Overall, the sound has a classic feel, embodying all the characteristics of the low-key, artful hip hop you remember and love. JKurd and 2140 put the focus on strong fundamentals rather than flashy hype, resulting in a song that’s both impressive and accessible. I’d also recommend checking out some of JKurd’s visual artwork on Instagram, which is aesthetically distinctive and thought provoking.

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