FLOJOBENZ – The Dance Song


The Dance Song is a new single from Chicago-based artist, FLOJOBENZ. Blending elements of hip hop, R&B and EDM, the track is upbeat and energizing. The pace ranges from invigoratingly peppy to chill and reflective. FLOJOBENZ’s delivery is impressive in its rhythmic complexity. Demonstrating meticulous levels of precision, he definitely has some skills in the timing department. I can’t stress enough just how cohesive everything is.

As the title obviously implies, this is a dance song. The beat is classy and casually mellow but still fresh enough to put a spring in your step. The mix is smooth and dynamic, rather than overbearing. This is a great example of how “less can be more” when it comes to pop music. Brimming with a subtle sensuality, The Dance Song is an atmospheric and stylish jam, with a surprisingly mature and elaborate songwriting structure. Keep your eyes peeled for FLOJOBENZ’s upcoming project, METAMORPHOSIS, which is slated to be completed sometime in the near future.

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