Ace Drucci – Watch the Crown Vol. II (14)

Watch the Crown Vol. II is a new EP from hip hop artist, Ace Drucci. This album is crisp and professional, It features impressive lyrical choreography and a fresh, punchy mix. Ace Drucci’s deep voice and commanding presence resonates throughout. He has a quick-witted, no-nonsense and snappy style that always keeps the action moving. The songs contain appearances from numerous guest artists, including lamme, Blue Da_artist, and London Blu. Their presence spices things up with some variety and adds a conversational dynamic into the mix.

It’s worth noting that Ace Drucci also makes effective use of various vocal effects, creating crafty echoes that themselves become components of the beat. The songs all have surreal and attention grabbing, synth driven intros that set the stage for when Ace Drucci lowers the boom with his entry. Ultimately, Watch the Crown Vol. II is a compact and straightforward hip hop release, packed with solid jams.

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