Geo Sandino – Hard Times


Hard Times is a new single from hip hop artist, Geo Sandino. He was born in Atlanta but apparently raised in Knoxville, TN. His delivery style on this track is confident, competent and charismatic. He really does have a “take charge” flow that drives the action. Geo Sandino also maintains exquisite timing at an impressive pace. He doesn’t miss even a fraction of a beat or ever seem to need to come up for air.

The song blends in melodic and soulful music, giving the track a sentimental backdrop that elevates the emotional power level. While Geo Sandino’s rhyming skills are enough to stand on their own, what makes the song interesting is that it’s put together artistically and with genuine style. The man has good taste, and you can tell he really does put his heart into his music. There’s a coherent aesthetic vision here, and it works.

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