Nemizzo X Santa Sallet – 2020

2020 V3000

2020 is a new single from hip hop artists, Santa Sallet and Nemizzo. Featuring a retro-futuristic, video game-like beat, this collaborative effort captures the wild spirit of what has been a truly epic year. The chorus is super catchy, and any hip hop song that incorporates UFOs into the lyrics can’t possibly go wrong.

Nemizzo’s lively and action packed delivery juxtaposes synergistically with Santa Sallet’s usual cool and businesslike deliberation. Musically, the melodic synths electrify the senses, and the mix is chaotically good. 2020 is lush with hot party vibes from start to finish. This jam is being released just in time to be a dance floor sensation at the New Year’s Eve ball.

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