Fam Band – Weehee (Past Lives)


Weehee (Past Lives) is a new single from Ohio-based indie duo, Fam Band. The lavender colored cover definitely suits the song’s mystical undertones. I’ve reviewed a number of releases from this band, and this one if my favorite so far. The chorus “Weehee!” is just so catchy (and the singer really nails those high notes). The best part though is the psychedelic bridge toward the end of the track, which is ultra aesthetic and spiritually satisfying.

Seriously this song is a hit. It’s tough to pin down what genre this music is. It blends elements of folk, Americana, and rock, with a hint of twang. The lyrics are delivered rather soulfully, with style and personality. You can tell these guys are just loving every minute of performing this. The mix is of the minimalist variety, capturing the spirit of the “open road” ambiance of the song. The guitars are robust though and provide an ample ecosystem for the vocals to thrive in. Weehee (Past Lives) is one of the best indie songs of the year. If you are a connoisseur of high quality indie rock, Fam Band should definitely be on your radar (if they are not already).

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