Dar.Ra – Rise Like the Sun


Rise Like The Sun is a new single from London-based singer/songwriter, Dar.Ra. One of the most prolific artists of 2020, Dar.Ra is back with yet another epic entry before ringing in the new year. The rock track has a bit of a Latin flavor to it,blending horns, guitars and various misc instruments to create an exotic sound. As usual, Dar.Ra’s vocal performance is lush with enthusiasm and charisma. He belts out the lyrics with such passionate intensity that you know he means every word.

The song serves as both a personal aspiration in inspirational anthem, as the life-sustaining power of the sun represents an ideal for those who seek to overcome their darkest struggles and thrive in a spectacular fashion. Ascend from the ashes into something bigger, bolder and brighter in 2021. Of course, Dar.Ra subtly weaves in religious and spiritual references, which enhance the song’s mystique and move things beyond the realm of the strictly material. He’s not talking about finally getting an expensive, shiny new car or something, but rather, conquering his personal demons and rising up as a human being.

Musically, the song is complex and orchestrated to perfection. It’s really a major label caliber release, both in terms of production quality and instrumental precision. Dar.Ra has the most difficult task in that his singing must live up to such incredible backing music. Somehow, he manages to rise to the occasion and deliver a stellar performance, which is kind of amazing. He could have chosen to play it safe by including just a few sparse vocal phrases, and let the music carry the song. That would have been a betrayal of the song’s theme though. I’m glad he took the more courageous artistic route. It ultimately makes the song that much more powerful and real.

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