RayyGlizzy – James Harden


James Harden is a new single from hip hop artist, RayyGlizzy. Blending elements of hip hop, EDM and R&B, this dynamic track contains a lot of musical variety in its 3 minute runtime. The lyrics are sentimental and should resonate with anyone who is going through something difficult in their lives. Despite the tender and reflective subject matter, the song is a nonstop wild ride and has plenty of energy going for it musically. For his part, RayyGlizzy’s delivery is lively, straightforward and sincere, cycling through a range of emotions as he both sings and raps.

One of the most creative aspects of this jam is the way it incorporates NBA icon James Harden as a kind of symbol for overcoming obstacles and standing firm in the face of formidable challenges. The chorus to this effect is surprisingly catchy, rendering the song a potential sleeper hit. If nothing else, RayyGlizzy has demonstrated he has some genuine songwriting talent here.

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