The Guilty Lenses – Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry


Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry is a new album from Northern Virginia-based alternative rock band, The Guilty Lenses. Not only have these guys managed to capture the authentic “alternative” sound, but their music is as good or better than even the most iconic groups in the genre. The singer is really quite good, combining charisma with emotional sensitivity and superb vocal ability. Production quality is also excellent. It’s very clean and allows you to experience every bit of sonic richness in the guitar tones. The guitar melodies in various bridges and solos give the album some of its finest moments.

Thematically, Somewhat Romance, Somewhat Poetry has a nostalgic quality to it, with tracks like Five Mins to Close and Dance Bar Blues deal with subject matter that almost feels like it’s from another, more innocent time. If I had just came across these songs randomly on the radio, I would never assume they were made in 2020/2021. This is indeed a romantic release, but it also rocks pretty hard when it needs to. It’s balanced, elaborate and dynamic. It’s only a matter of time (and marketing) before these guys have a massive following. There’s a lot of talent here.

A small inscription indicates that the album is dedicated to the frontline workers, especially those in the food and service industry.

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