AM2PM is a new album from hip hop artist, Sxee Finesse. Sparking and surreal, this is one of the more imaginative hip hop releases in recent memory. Enveloped within a futuristic aesthetic, the synth-driven sound is abstract and experimentally structured in a dreamlike fashion. The thematic synergy between all the elements is allows the listener to appreciate the artist’s cohesive vision, which is ultimately one of love and creativity.

Sxee Finesse’s delivery is fast, smooth and free floating. His casual and reflective demeanor matches perfectly with the tone of the music, while the layering effects create an other worldly atmosphere. These recordings almost feel like a window into someone’s inner thoughts. Thankfully in this case, these thoughts are brimming with euphoric sentimentality and positive vibes. The performances (including those of guest artists Trill Will & SMG-Zear) are all really on point.

Some tracks like ZAZA! make effective use of classic anime samples. The samples are magnetic and engaging, yet one also has to marvel at just how well they fit with the ambiance. Snippets of this variety can either enhance or disrupt a song, and in the case of ZAZA! they dreamily accentuate it. My favorite jam on here is probably ANTI-POP! which features an incredible chiptune-style backing. It’s like when you’re playing a video game, and you really enjoy the music in a certain level or area of the game, and you just want to keep playing over and over.

Apparently, this album has been a long time in the making. Though it only has 8 tracks in total, AM2PM is epic in all the ways that matter. It’s romantic, sincere, musically competent and artistically innovative. Sxee Finesse has managed to cultivate his own distinct style, and it’s a sonically and aesthetically pleasing one at that.

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