Vyblektro – Way Down (feat.jaxxon)


Way Down (feat.jaxxon) is a new single from Australia-based Vyblektro. Powerful and effective, the explosive emotion in this synth-driven track has an epic, almost 80’s quality. Oscillating between moments of passionate intensity and mellow, sentimental interludes, Way Down revels in its dynamicism.

The vocals are belted out with charismatic determination while retaining sensitivity. Suffice to say that the singing is just very impressive, especially when considering this is a genre with a high degree of difficulty. The chorus is especially satisfying, as the vocals culminate in a dreamily euphoric escalation. Backed by a robust beat and sparkling elements, this track electrifies the atmosphere. It is both uplifting and thought provoking. I’m actually convinced that this artist can credibly perform almost any style of music. I highly recommend the accompanying video for this song as well, which features highly professional visuals, avant garde vibes and adds a worthwhile dimension to the listening experience.

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