VeeA The Artist – Make It Happen


Make It Happen is a new single from Virginia-based hip hop artist, VeeA The Artist. Featuring a performance that’s brimming with passion and enthusiasm, this high-energy song is actually quite inspirational. As the title suggests, this track encourages people to pursue their dreams and make things happen. Anyone who has ever been stuck in a dead end job that holds them back from achieving their goals will be able to relate to this. The video incorporates a complex “office” narrative component, like a short film (and also contains some amazing mural backdrops).

Musically, Make It Happen is backed by an ethereal and melodic beat. It’s one of the better backing beats I’ve heard and has an almost haunting, 1960s quality. For his part, VeeA The Artist has an assertive delivery and maintains a good flow throughout. He has great presence and raps at a modest pace His vocals are accentuated by some harmonious effects, which creatively interweave the vocals deeper into the rhythm. Overall, the mix is full and powerful. Competent production blends with genuinely good music to make this jam a worthwhile release.

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