Stephon Foster – Love Adrenaline and Purple Sky (1)

Prolific artist Stephon Foster has bestowed us with two fresh new singles, hot off the presses. Part of a new album (the title of which has yet to be revealed) that will consist of peaks and ballads, chronicling Stephon’s survivability and shortcomings after the artist’s previous album, Beware. These latest tracks are intensely personal, heartfelt and brimming with psychic sensitivity.

Featuring bright melodies and delicate introspection, Purple Sky is all about seeing the light after facing difficult obstacles on life. Stephon Foster always somehow manages to keep a positive attitude. Survival and persistence are recurring themes. The lyrics offer encouragement and motivation to anyone who might be going through something similar. There’s a real passion for living in this song, and it contains one of Stephon Foster’s best vocal performances to date. (2)

Love Adrenaline has a jazzy, romantic vibe and a pumping rhythm. It keeps with Stephon’s trademarked “fun spirit,” but don’t let that fool you. This is an explosively romantic track, ideal for Valentine’s Day. Packed with passionately expressive sincerity, you can almost sense the fireworks going off and the sparks flying. The backing beat on this jam is really energizing and has a classic feel. At times this track almost seems like a 1950s or 60s pop song, with its innocent sound and bubblegum sweet tone. As the title would suggest, Love Adrenaline is vibrant and invigorating, just the way love should be. Stephon’s usage of vocal layering adds an element of euphoric togetherness and gives the mix a little extra sunshine.

It’s great to see Stephon still going strong and making music. These latest releases demonstrate that this relentless and unstoppable artist continues to reach new artistic and performance milestones. Keep your eyes peeled for the new album, where even greater power levels are sure to be realized.

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