Brady Arnold – Existence


Existence is an album from Ohio-based musician, Brady Arnold. Brady, a prolific artist who began making music in 1992, has released a whopping 60(!) albums in total. Blending elements of indie pop/rock, industrial and goth, the songs are emotionally deep, rich with abstract messaging and curious metaphors. The ambiance of Existence is definitely on the darker side, as this concept album explores themes like death, denial, and regret.

Musically, the tracks are intense and melodic, with guitars driving much of the action. Meditative and ethereal, these recordings have a retro-futuristic quality, reminiscent of groups like Erasure but with more of a gritty edge. The mix has a metallic, industrial-like feel which balances nicely with Brady Arnold’s passionate, dynamic vocals. His performance is introspective, and the lyrics reflect intensely personal experiences. He can actually sing, too. It’s incredible that an individual can put out so much material and have it be of such high caliber. This guy is genuinely talented and Existence is brimming with artistic substance.

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