Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man – White Haze

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White Haze is a new single from Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man. Blending elements of roots, country, rock and blues, singer-songwriter Margaret Anne has really cultivated a unique style. This avant garde song transitions through multiple different genres throughout the song, almost as if they were moods or seasons. Ranging from an epic rock opera style intro to sentimental folk to peppy pop, the sections of White Haze take the listener on an ethereal musical journey. Production quality is smooth and offers excellent clarity. Margaret Anne has a stellar voice. She really projects well and seems to put everything she has into every note.

This release also contains a second track, Cabin Boy. This jam has a bluesy feel to it. Grooving guitar melodies and a lounge-like atmosphere make for a lively musical experience. Be sure and check out some of Margaret Anne’s other recordings, which are equally captivating and available on Spotify.

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