Avery Sennin – Pathway, Ultra

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Pathway, Ultra is a new album from Dallas-based rapper Avery Sennin. The production quality is pristine and professional. Avery has a distinctive style. Unique rhythmic cadences and complex structure give songs like Back In My Day a creative edge. The beats on this jam are exotic, avant garde and maybe even slightly futuristic. Some portions are musically minimalist, but the action is punchy and Avery maintains a consistent flow and keeps the focus where it should be.

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Another notable track is 222. The digits “222” are a reference to angel numbers that relate to balance and harmony in one’s life. his spiritually oriented song features a beautiful, ambient backing. Before settling into a robust beat, the dreamlike intro is downright mesmerizing. Musically, this is my favorite track on the album. A cool thing about Avery’s rapping is that he can sing pretty well, too. Not only is his timing is on point (even at impressive speeds), but his actual voice is rather pleasant to listen to.

Due to the elaborate choreography, there’s a high degree of difficulty to making this music work, yet somehow he manages to pull it off. The audio clarity in the mix is excellent, allowing the listener to appreciate every bit of sparkling musicality. Pathway, Ultra is a very cerebral and reflective release, one which deals with some of life’s central questions in a personal and sonically satisfying way.

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