Jake Kelly – Stories & Feelings (Remastered) EP


Stories & Feelings is a new EP from English-born artist, Jake Kelly. It’s a remastered version of his (also relatively recent) previous album of the same name. The sound on the opening track, This Should Be the End, is peppy and bright, blending energizing melodies with emotive vocals. In contrast, You Never Heard and Knocking are sentimental, acoustic jams. The songs have a flavorfully eclectic and carefree sound, perhaps owing to Kelly’s well traveled background. Even though he’s only in his early 20s, he’s already spent time living in England, Ireland, China, Vietnam, and Germany.

Jake Kelly puts a lot of passion into his vocal delivery. The musical side of the mixes is fairly minimalist, so his dynamic voice drives much of the action. Ultimately this is just a solid indie release, enhanced by the artist’s unique background, style and influences.

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