Colt Sterk – Grandpa’s Truck

Colt Sterk

Grandpa’s Truck is a new single from Colt Sterk, a country singer/songwriter from Eagle, Idaho. This is some of the most polished and well-performed country you could ask for. The mix is clean and bright, allowing the full richness of the recording to shine through. Colt gives a stellar vocal performance on this lively yet sentimentally nostalgic track. His singing ability really is a cut above. The female backing vocals enhance the chorus and correlate nicely with the song’s romantic elements. The real star of this show is the truck itself, which Cole feels a deep connection with. The truck is a source of personal liberation, reflection and adventure. It also operates as a central motif tying everything together. Musically, Grandpa’s Truck is a solid and radio-ready single that deserves a spot on the charts.

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