OLYA K – Waking Up in Nashville


Waking up in Nashville is a new song from OLYA K, a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter. OLYA’s catchy single, Hollywood became a hit online in 2020 and gained her a lot of new fans. Interestingly, before moving to Los Angeles in 2014, she had previously lived in Nashville (“a few blocks away from the honkytonks on lower Broadway”) and was part of the music scene there. She recently visited Nashville again last year 2020 and recorded a country rock version of Eggs and Bacon.

The original version of her latest song Waking Up in Nashville was originally a lighter track which featured an acoustic guitar and tambourine. I’m sure it was excellent, but this latest version simply rocks! It’s lively and vibrant, with peppy pacing, grooving guitars and a robust beat setting the stage for OLYA K’s vivacious vocals. If you’ve heard her other songs, what will immediately impress you is the versatility she is capable of as an artist. Here she is delivering a professional and praise-worthy performance in a completely different genre. She comes off as such a natural country-rock singer that you’d almost never suspect she had successful synthpop and EDM-style releases as well.

One thing that remains consistent is OLYA’s positive and upbeat tone. Her songs convey a genuine enthusiasm for life, and this jam will definitely inspire you to seize the day. In fact, she got the idea for opening lyrics while setting her alarm clock radio one evening and asking herself “”should I wake up with a song or with a beep?” After listening to Waking Up in Nashville, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out which one she chose.

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