Birthpush – Sh!t Like That (feat. Big Meeg & Rogie)


Sh!t Like That (feat. Big Meeg & Rogie) is a new single from artist, Birthpush. This high octane jam blends elements of hip hop, alternative and dance. Bumping along at a peppy pace, the mix is fresh and thick, making effective use of vocal harmonies, layering and a thumping beat. The lyrical delivery is brimming with expressive intensity. With completely different instruments this track could almost have an emo vibe.

This is a quintessentially contemporary track, containing numerous references to social media. The chorus is creatively structured in a way that makes it quite catchy. In fact, the songwriting in general on Sh!t Like That is more dynamic and impressive than initially meets the eye. The combination of timing, tone, and energy give this song the potential to become an underground mini-hit on the dance floor.

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