Dario Tartagni – Stories, Love and Disarming Beauty

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Stories, Love and Disarming Beauty is a new album from Dario Tartagni, a a professional composer and sound Designer from Italy (but currently based in Oulu, Finland). The compositions on this release are absolutely enchanting. Often they begin with delicate piano melodies, which slowly build into bold, orchestral climaxes. Tartagni weaves a beautifully complex web of emotion.

Even from a technical standpoint, this music is professional as it gets. Everything is performed at an exceptionally high skill level, and the songs themselves are well-choreographed. The mix captures the subtle intricacies of the piano, while also managing to capture the wider moments of symphonic ecstacy with vivid clarity. This album has all the qualities of a studio soundtrack. Stories, Love and Disarming Beauty contains a coherent narrative arc. It is moving, enjoyable and inspirational.

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