30ROLLIE – Highopes


Highopes is a new single from 30ROLLIE, a Puerto Rican hip hop artist from New Jersey. This release is part of an upcoming project called BENJIWRLD (presumably an homage to 30ROLLIE’s late brother, Benji). In Highopes, the artist gives a couple of shoutouts to Benji, but this particular song was also inspired by 30ROLLIE getting off probation for a stabbing incident and successfully beating a weapons charge.

30ROLLIE has a stream of consciousness delivery style that’s lively, fresh and upbeat. He actually has a unique vocal technique and utilizes his voice in creatively distinctive ways. This guy really does have his own sound. The lyrics are reflective and 30ROLLIE isn’t afraid to get personal sometimes. Overall, his demeanor presents as one of resilience and determination. The beat is crisp and the backing music provides a chill atmosphere. The production has great clarity and is much better than what you would expect for an “indie” hip hop jam. Highopes is a worthy single, musically and artistically.

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