Soziales Hetzwerk – Hetzer


Hetzer is a new single from German band, Soziales Hetzwerk. This Deutsch Rock/Punk release is a precursor to the upcoming album, Provokateur (which has purportedly been made with “support from musicians all over the world”). The lyrics Hetzer are entirely in German, but the song rocks so hard that the music will resonate with anyone.

Invigorating guitars combine with an assertive vocals and a robust drum beat to create an intensely enjoyable sound. The action is powerful and the pace will get your adrenaline going. Definitely not for the feeble or faint of heart. From a technical standpoint, the musicianship is excellent, clean and meticulous, especially for this metal-adjacent genre. While much of the focus is on the guitars, it’s worth noticing that the vocals are impressively melodic, making effective use of harmonies.The performances are solid. Hetzer is a strong release that will immediately grab your attention and hold it throughout the duration of the song.

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