Chrystal Copland – EP (12)

New York-based singer/songwriter and model, Chrystal Copland has a new self-titled EP out. The songs on this release are beautifully haunting. Against a guitar driven backdrop, Chrystal’s sentimental yet confident voice captivates on tracks like Run (No One Will Save You). Her vocal style finds just the right balance between avant garde and pop appeal. She goes beyond the superficial layers of emotion and isn’t afraid to explore the darker aspects of her inner monologue. Other songs like I’m Not Broken feature a modestly paced synth backing.

The relatively minimalist mix gives the music an almost spoken-word poetry quality at times. Chrystal’s voice is pleasant enough to listen to that it can stand completely on its own. The music is just a bonus. Her lyrics are reflective, abstract and refreshingly honest. This is a terrific little EP, and Chrystal Copland has a genuinely unique sound.

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