Christian Brothers – MR.HEISMAN (Woodson Tribute)


MR.HEISMAN (Woodson Tribute) is a new single from Christian Brothers (a duo comprised of rapper Sean Chris &
producer/engineer King Mega). This release is a tribute to Charles Woodson, an NFL legend who was recently inducted into the pro-football hall of fame. As the title implies, he also won the Heisman Trophy in 1997 while playing for the University of Michigan.

The song itself blends elements of hip hop and R&B, with the lyrics effectively incorporating football related lingo. The backing music is is smoothly ambient and downright dreamy. It perfectly captures the surreal atmosphere of sports stardom and a playing career that’s so remarkable it almost feels like a vivid dream. A groovy and upbeat jam, MR.HEISMAN is also worthy homage to one of the NFL’s most memorable athletes.

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