Zemirah Singleton – Crazy Over You


Crazy Over You is a new single from Mississippi-based artist, Zemirah Singleton. After being discovered while singing at a local talent show, Zemirah performed vocals for a song titled I Got the Blues, when she was 16 (though she has been singing since the age of 5). Zemirah has also appeared on ITS Lit TV and BET JAMS.

Up against a sparkling back beat, Crazy Over You does a fine job of showcasing Zemirah’s impressive vocal skills. Her voice is dynamic and her tone is lush with soft sincerity. It’s just really pleasant to listen to, especially as she hits those high notes. This girl can really sing, and her performance radiates with youthful, positive energy. The song itself blends elements of pop, R&B and soul, and is just a clean, well-written jam. Zemirah definitely has a future in this industry.

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