Jaa – Align


Align is a new single from North Jersey-based artist, Jaa. He’s half-Caribbean, and claims that his moniker (which also happens to be his initials) is a play on the term “Jah.” This latest track combines aspects of pop, hip hop, R&B, soul and even emo. The vocal delivery is sentimental and expressive, with the atmosphere of the song being greatly enhanced by the guitar-driven backing. Align is a very unique song musically, that transcends the boundaries of genre stereotypes.

Jaa has cultivated a distinctive style for himself. He gives a sincere performance and isn’t afraid to open up about his struggles and vulnerabilities. Thematically, Align has romantic undertones and centers around a relationship where two people realize they just don’t see eye to eye. It’s a timeless tale of living, loving and learning.

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