Dean FM – Sissy


Sissy is a new album from Boston-based rapper, activist and influencer, Dean FM (Dean-Fraser Milford). Enveloped by by hypnotic rhythms and a musical backing that’s positively sparkling, Dean FM gives a performance that’s lush with confidence and inspired charisma. The vocal delivery incorporates elements of hip hop and bubblegum pop, and this non-binary artist (who embraces both he and her pronouns) can actually rap.

Style-wise, the presentation is often creative, clever and exotic, while maintaining an impressively choreographed structure. There’s truly a unique artistic persona here. It’s not all fun and games though. The track Bottom Bit sets out to raise awareness about exploitation in the world of prostitution. Compassion, social consciousness and gender neutrality acceptance are essential themes in Dean FM’s work. From a musical standpoint, Sissy is bold, upbeat and radically energizing.

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