OTHELLO is a new single from hip hop artist, AERO BLUE. Featuring an exquisite and symphonic musical backing, this release is brimming with precision style. For a moment I almost began to wonder if this was an instrumental track, as the rapping doesn’t kick in until almost the 1 minute mark. The structure is highly effective though, because you can really feel the suspense and anticipation build, and when AERO BLUE’s delivery materializes, he doesn’t disappoint. He has a creative flow, and his voice maintains a high energy charisma. The lyrics are peppered with cultural, visual and literary references, making this a sophisticated endeavor of pure professionalism.

His other recent track, 3G is ambient and futuristic. The minimalist beat is synth-driven, while AERO BLUE’s vocals take on a more cerebral tone. While the music is slightly more mellow and meditative, AERO BLUE’s delivery remains engaging. It’s difficult to imagine how hip hop artists can stand out in what has become such a crowded genre, yet AERO BLUE is clearly at the top of his game and means business. These releases are definitely in the upper echelon of contemporary hip hop jams.

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