Infuhme – Help


Help is a new single from hip hop artist, Infuhme. Backed by an exotic, synth-driven beat, this hypnotic track blends elements of trip hop and chillwave to create a distinctive sound. There are even some detectable reggae influences here. Infuhme has a no-nonsense delivery style as he lays things down eloquently. He’s not shy about telling people to shut their mouths.

Moving at a modest yet deliberate pace, this jam has kind of alt hip hop feel. Atmospherically, the vibe is on the darker side, which definitely keeps things interesting. Various delay and reverb effects on the mix give the song an ethereal, dreamlike quality. It is both mellow and serious at the same time. The beat is retro-futuristic and honestly just really cool. Help is a worthy hip hop release that scores extra points for its stylistic originality.

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