Chad Nathan – Wins And Losses (feat. J.See)


Wins And Losses (feat. J.See) is a new single from Chad Nathan, a hip hop artist from Walterboro South Carolina. This song really has a nice, swift flow. The delivery is casual and composed, with timing that manages to stay on point even when the speed is dialed up. In fact, though the artist doesn’t present as aggressive or arrogant, the skill level on this track is rather high. This isn’t surprising, as performers with a background in freestyling tend to be better rappers. The piano-driven backing beat is exquisite and has a jazzy, rather sophisticated feel.

While the mix is fairly minimalist, harmonies strategically thicken things up, and the ambiance correlates well with the reflective subject matter. Chronicling personal “wins and losses,” the lyrics are rich with substance, anecdotes (often involving experiences with women) and are peppered with pop cultural references (007, etc). This is lowkey a high quality hip hop jam. There’s real talent here on both the performance and production side.

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