Morgan James Gavin – She Who I’d Call Queen


She Who I’d Call Queen is a new single from artist, Morgan James Gavin. Blending elements of R&B, soul, and hip hop, this heartfelt song describes a situation with an ex. It was apparently inspired by a conversation Morgan was having about it with a friend, where Morgan had been struggling to find the right words to articulate what was going on. So he wrote this song, to more accurately convey how he felt.

The track has an avant garde, almost “stream of consciousness” style. Musically, the ambiance actually reminds me a bit of classic groups like The 5th Dimension, (if one were to add a bit of alt hip hop flavor). The backing just has that dreamlike, 1960’s feel. There’s an experimental quality to this recording as well, and the kind of artistic distinction and afflicted sincerity on display here is exactly what has gained Morgan James Gavin a substantial cult following online.

She Who I’d Call Queen is filled with genuine expressions of vulnerability, regret and romantic longing. It’s as though we’re being allowed to listen in on someone’s inner monologue. The song functions as an artistic collage of thoughts. Morgan’s delivery often presents like spoken word poetry or perhaps even a love letter or singing telegram. Though he doesn’t overuse it, he actually has a fairly high power level as a vocalist. There are a few climactic moments in the song where he really croons hard, channeling the spirits of Bobby Darin and Dean Martin. The term “soulful” gets thrown around a lot, but you can tell Morgan James Gavin really did some serious soul searching when he was creating this. This is the genuine emotional artifact, as real as it gets.

Morgan James Gavin is a prolific songwriter, with a large catalog of releases. I highly recommend checking out his Soundcloud, which is a treasure trove of insightful and introspective indie jams.

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