Gift of Tongues – Happy

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 5.02.32 PM

Happy is a new single from Brooklyn-based artist/band, Gift of Tongues. Gift of Tongues is the project of David Johnston, and strives to create works which blend “performance, motion, graphics, & original music.” Johnston also collaborates with various NY musicians and has been known to use masks and costumes to conceal his identity when performing.

This latest track is a peppy and energizing jam, that will really get your juices flowing. Featuring electro-percussive and synthwave elements, the melodies are dynamic and sonically appealing. The vocals are passionate and charismatic. At certain climactic points the harmonies actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Though the pace is fairly modest, this is synthwave with an intensity and a little bit on the darker side. It has a slightly retro-80s quality to it, but that’s more of a case of this just being very authentic and high quality. The backing music really sparkles. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of Gift of Tongues’ second album, The Perfect Son.

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