Colin Roy Monette – Lucky (19)

Lucky is a new album from Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter, Colin Roy Monette. The sound actually reminds me a bit of Simon and Garfunkel. It just has a very organic feel. The songs have those great hooks that make for instant classics. A variety of styles are fused together, such as: Americana, pop, folk, rock, blues and jazz (just to name a few). Monette always keeps you guessing. He’s obviously an accomplished musician. His guitar playing is delicate, groovy and meticulous, and these recordings are without modern gimmicks.

The vocals are what really drive the action though. He has a sincere voice, which captures the contemplative spirit of the open road. Lucky has a timeless quality to it. If you didn’t know anything about it, you might think this came out in the 70’s or the 60s or the 90’s or ten years from now. Lucky is a top tier release, musically and artistically. It’s a songwriter’s dream.

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