THRILLCHASER – Fantasy (18)

Fantasy is a new single from the THRILLCHASER, an “alt pop” band from the East Coast. The song is from their album, It Was Always Gonna Be Like This. Retro-futuristic aesthetics combine with a bright, synth-driven ambiance to create an artistic sound. The dynamic vocals and rich harmonies even manage to incorporate elements of R&B. The backing music features engaging synths, conjuring imagery of a high end 80’s night club.

Fantasy actually has a relatively uplifting tone. It’s pretty, positive and inspirational. On its surface, this is somewhat of a feel good jam. However, the lyrics remind us that when we get worked up with romantic excitement, we can get ourselves into trouble, because often our euphoria is really induced by a fantasy. Great song from a band that’s not afraid to experiment with different genre components.

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