Comfort Cat & Friends – Consumption

Comfort Cat (2)

Consumption is a new album from NYC-based songwriter/band, Comfort Cat & Friends. Scheduled for official release on May 8, 2021, this indie “folk” gem is a colorful masterpiece. It’s actually difficult to categorize this music, because some songs have a passionate intensity, more in line with punk, avant garde lounge and even performance art. While some of the mixes are minimalist (consisting mainly of acoustic guitars and vocals), others feature a broader array of instruments and backing voices.

At times these recordings have a theatrical quality, like music from a stage production. Ultimately, Consumption is highly poetic and the performances are delicately precise. This is definitely not amateur hour. The lyrics are also creative, diving deep into some rather interesting subject matter on tracks like Free Bleeding. The pre-save link for the album is available below.

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