C.Garrett – WorkHard

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WorkHard is a new single from artist, C.Garrett. This hip hop jam features colorful melodies and an exotic vibe. The ambient, retro-futuristic backing music is smooth, and C.Garrett has a legitimately unique style. Combining spoken word poetry with singing and rapping, his delivery is very sincere. He has a knack for writing catchy, clever lyrics, and a couple of the rhymes made me chuckle a bit.

C.Garrett also makes use of some interesting vocal effects in certain parts of the song, transforming his voice into an instrument in its own right. He doesn’t merely “rap.” He actually gives an all out performance with his voice. This is artistic hip hop. It’s cool to see someone willing to experiment like this with sound and structure. There’s a good energy here. Humble, sincere and creative, this guy really makes you want to root for him.

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