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MKED, Vol. I is the debut EP of MKED (the project of Milwaukee-based artist, Mike Dentice.) The collection of songs is the result of a collaborative effort between Mike and a diverse group of artists from around the country. I actually grew up on the east side of Milwaukee (I attended grade school in Shorewood), so the tribute song Back to Milwaukee is relatable on a personal level. Sonically, these tracks have elements of pop, rock, R&B and electronic music. The colorful and upbeat jam, Wake the Dead has an almost EDM vibe. It’s synth-driven, bright and features some electrifying vocals.

The songs on here are well-written, with catchy, pop friendly hooks. MKED, Vol. I is a high quality production. Despite there being a multitude of artists working on it remotely, the EP remains impressively cohesive, both musically and thematically. This is definitely a working formula. Keep it up.

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