TRUF – Tik Tik Boom

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Tik Tik Boom is a new single from TRUF, a hip hop artist from Carson, CA. Combining classic West Coast rap with blues and R&B. this track is robust and hard hitting. TRUF has a charismatic presence and no-nonsense delivery style. His voice has an authoritative quality, while maintaining a consistent flow throughout. He gives a lively performance that balances leisure with professionalism. The chorus phrase is catchy, and with a little bit of strategic marketing, one could easily see this jam becoming a viral sensation.

Musically, TRUF really does manage to capture the tone of classic California hip hop, with a production is slick and polished. This is honestly legit enough to be put out on a major label. The video for this track is entertaining, utilizing actors and creatively interweaving a narrative/storyline. TRUF is currently working on over 30 songs in preparation for the release of a commercial LP.

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