Lonerkid – Cliffside


Cliffside is a new single from Central New Jersey-based artist, Lonerkid. Originally, from Syracuse, NY, Lonerkid blends elements of hip hop, pop, emo and R&B. Thematically, his music is heavily influenced by experiences with past relationships. The of lyrics in Cliffside deal with heartbreak and spirituality. Lonerkid puts a new twist on these subjects, as he expresses his thoughts with rich, emotional detail. As the title implies, the song’s narrative involves an individual standing on the edge of a cliff, perhaps considering jumping and just ending it all. He reflects on a recently ended relationship and ponders where it all went wrong. Though the music has more of a hip hop and R&B sound, the spirit of this jam is pure emo.

Crafting a narrative that’s both engaging and coherent, Lonerkid proves himself to be an excellent lyricist. The catchy hooks and competent structure demonstrate that he knows how to make a decent pop song. This isn’t amateurish at all. Nor is it someone just blurting out their deepest darkest thoughts like some teenager’s diary. There’s is a method to Lonerkid’s sadness and despair. He doesn’t neglect any aspect of the song. The production is solid, and this is just very well put together. Despite the content, this isn’t really depressing to listen to. Cliffside has a mellow and chill vibe, that is enjoyable and somewhat meditative. This guy has genuine songwriting skills and could gain traction if he makes the right connections and catches a few breaks.

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